Sex Scene You Should Replicate Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sex Scene You Should Replicate Based On Your Zodiac Sign. We’ve listed the sex scenes you should try based on your zodiac sign. Here are the sex scenes according to the zodiac sign.

1: Capricorn

sex scenes for capricorn

Capricorns are simple, realistic and determined personalities. Dim the lights for romantic bedroom sex with a partner you’re totally in love with. Just like the hot sex scene in the 2020 movie The Photograph. Michael and Mae both see very sexy in this scene and look lovingly into each other’s eyes. We advise Capricorns to have intimate and romantic sex.

2: Aquarius

sex scenes for aquarius

Aquarius with a water sign is independent and harmonious. They also tend to be flirty and passionate. That’s why you can do the lake scene in the movie After. In this scene, Hardin and Tessa enter the lake and Hardin gives Tessa an astonishing orgasm. This scene, which is among the sex scenes, is definitely worth a try!

3: Pisces

sex scenes for pisces

Pisces are intuitive, emotional, empathetic and creative people. So they love to have a real connection with their partner and then show that they care about their bodies. Therefore, the sensuality, dances and romance in the movie First Love, First Dance (Dirty Dancing) are just right for Pisces.

4: Aries

sex scenes for ries

Sex in a tent on a secluded mountain? It can be a pretty intimate experience when done right, as Jack and Ennis did on Brokeback Mountain. Aries is known for being sincere, fun, and ready for anything. Therefore, this intense sex scene will be the perfect experience for coaches.

5: Taurus

sex scenes for taurus

Once the Taurus forms an emotional bond with their partner, they become completely attached and loyal to them. Sex in a relationship where two people trust each other is very satisfying and passionate. For this reason, the scene in The Lucky One, which is among the sex scenes that must be tried, is exactly for the bull!

6: Gemini

sex scenes for gemini

Gemini is impulsive, funny and sexy. The sex scene in the movie Always Be My Maybe, which starts with Marcus and Sasha reuniting in the back of an Uber (hey, nothing can stop true love!), then tearing each other’s clothes, is just right for the twins.

7: Cancer

sex scenes for cancer

Cancers are loyal to one mistake, so from The Notebook “I want you with everything, you and me every day forever!” love is perfect for them. When Noah and Allie reunite years later, their sex is only real with a Cancer.

8: Leo

sex scenes for leo

Being the queen of the zodiac, lions know how to get what they want. Just like Sally showed Harry how to have an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant without caring about the people around him. Maybe you could do some kitchen sex to make this scene from When Harry Met Sally come true.

9: Virgo

sex scenes for virgo

Despite their tendency to be shy and hardworking, Virgos are loyal and affectionate. They also want to trust before getting too intimate with someone. Of course, the key is to get to know your partner. Just like Quincy and Monica did in Love and Basketball. Virgos want to have sex by focusing on the intense emotions they feel when they love someone. For this reason, this scene, which is among the sex scenes according to the zodiac, is completely exclusive to Virgos.

10: Libra

sex scenes for libra

Libras appreciate the finer things in life. So try re-enacting the sex scene from Pretty Woman, where Vivian steps onto the piano Edward was playing and the two of them make amazing music with their bodies. Don’t you have a piano? No problem, wearing nice clothes and having sex in a luxury hotel will work too.

11: Scorpio

sex scenes for scorpio

“Consensual bondage” can be a wonderful experience, especially for mysterious scorpions looking for unique and dramatic sexual experiences. You can reenact this scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, where Ana meets Christian’s “playroom” and the two have interesting moments together. You can also try scenes from the sequels of the Fifty Shades series, known for their controversial sex scenes.

12: Sagittarius

sex scenes for sagittarius

The birthdays of Sagittarius coincide with winter. Therefore, it may be a good option to spend your birthday or New Year’s Eve at home with your partner. Take inspiration from the movie The Happiest Season, where Abby and Harper spend Christmas at Harper’s house.

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